Not just another zombie book – World War Z – Max Brooks

world-war-zGenerally, people believe that zombies can’t be characters for a quality literature. The most of my kith have a big grimace when they hear about the undead, in that way that seems they met one in this life. The movies of this genre have the entire fault for this attitude – the zombies are just moving here and there in a disjointed way, roaring and biting, trying to find some fresh brain. And they’re looking totally weird and cannot be killed anyway.

There are reference movies in this niche, but finding those implies some hard rummage in the whole dump of shity second hand creations, low-budget movies. And those are making big disservice to the real zombie genre.

So the fact that “World War Z” is in the top of the genre could surprise the ones that haven’t so many expectations from the zombie phenomenon. The actor and director Mel Brooks has of responsibility for this success – he’s the father of “World War Z”  (actually, the author of the author). Max Brooks owns his share.

We are facing an above average book. A lot above, even if it doesn’t put the undead characters in a different scenario towards regularly creations. Is not some dressing of the zombies, as in vampire case – who are more lecherous than bloody. The zombies are doing what they know best: roaring, biting, shaking, spreading the plague, ending shot or head split. The classic zombies. Just zombies.

So, what’s the difference between “World War Z” and the others, what is raising it? The answer is simple and obvious; the way is made in: gorgeous.

The war is ended. The pessimists are denying the name “first war Z” because that assumes, inevitably, a second “war Z” and the main hero must collect statements of the happened things. He roams the world, pickin’ up stories, testimonies and statements. He’s facing different people: controversial men, officials or simple citizens. Gradually, page by page, we are making contact with epic battles or solitary fights, military disasters or faultless wins; desperate measures or determined orders; Collective stories or personal dramas, heroes and cowards.

We are carried all over the world, each time facing surprising stories: the new French castellans; the story of the Japanese veteran that could fight with zombies even he is blind; the attempts of politicians beautifying the situation and their cowardice they have getting rid of responsibility.

On earth, on water, under water, in the middle of nowhere or on some isolated island, Zack (the nickname of the undead) is all over. And he’s ready every time for generating surprisingly situations in delight of the reader.

Personally, I read the “World War Z” hoping that this official historiographer will say some stories from Carpathian lands – how the Dracula’s descendants managed the undead crisis, but, unfortunately, I missed this pleasure. Maybe we, Romanians, could deserve this attention.

Part by part, the whole puzzle is completed, showing us the post-apocalyptic situation of a world shook by a Chinese disease.

So, who wants a read that is gonna change his view to zombies, could try “World War Z”. Those ones that saw the Brad Pitt starring movie have an extra reason reading this book. That because the book outperforms the movie.

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